James Toner Sets Sail

My grandfather was born July 2nd 1896 to John and Bridget Toner on a farm in Bancran Glebe, Londonderry Northern Ireland.

He married our grandmother (Margaret Kelly) on May 12th 1925 in Draperstown Roman Catholic Church. Two small children & four years later James set sail by himself.






James boarded the SS Letitia 2 from the port of Belfast Ireland as a third class passenger on May 20th 1927. Nine days later on May 29, 1927 he entered Quebec Canada Harbor.



From the Canadian Passenger List, I can tell he was going to a cousin’s in Toronto. But my question is why Canada when the United States were their goals. I know we did have family in the states at this time too. Why did he leave out of Belfast when Londonderry had a big shipping port itself? I know a lot of immigrants left though the Derry port, but this was in the 1800’s early 1900’s. Had that changed by 1929? An exactly who is this Michael McCullough that my grandfather claims as family? I had never heard this name before, and when I approached my mom she hadn’t either.

As you can tell, as I find some answers to my family history it only brings more mysteries and questions. While I may not know much at this time, & the memories of my grandfather might not be many. What I do have I treasure because I adored my grandfather. What I do know is that our grandfather was a great man. He was a strong man. He immigrated out of love, but could have been out of need too? At this time in Ireland there was a civil war going on. How did this affect him and his family? As you can tell, Jame’s story is far from over….


3 thoughts on “James Toner Sets Sail

    • Hello Heather and welcome to my blog. I’ve not seen that first one before. I am afraid the second one is a little to rich for my blood considering that the records may or may not be about my own family. Thank you for the links. I am off now to look though that first one. 🙂

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