740 North 37th St Philadelphia PA

I know from the 1940 Census that this house was once my grandfather’s home with his young, big family in 1940. He lived here with my grandmother Margaret Kelly, and their 7 children.  At this time not all the children had been born yet. 3 more were yet to be born including my mom.

When the family moved here or for how long they stayed here I don’t know. I don’t know if this was the first home my grandpa Toner rented when he crossed the border though Detroit in 1929 or what. I’ve not found any other documentation yet. I do know that they lived here for at least 2 years, because this is the same address that he filed on his WW2 draft card.

I was just tickled pink when I found my family in the 1940 census. I’ve not been able to trace my family foot steps once they cross border. It was easier finding their trail though Canada then the states.

I also know that Grandpa was an Elevator Operator in an office building at this time. I bet he was a dashing figure in his uniform with his lovely Irish accent.


3 thoughts on “740 North 37th St Philadelphia PA

  1. Have you tried checking city directories? I’ve had good luck using them for people I can’t find in the census, or between census years. Also, state census’ are often helpful if they are online.

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