Noble Rickards

The Rickards are my dad’s side of the family. Where they come from, or when they immigrated to the United States I don’t know as of yet. We don’t know much about this side of the family. Until a couple of weeks ago all I knew were my grandparents name. I couldn’t find any records online at all. Then all of a sudden the 1920’s & 1930’s started spitting out information left & right

Oh wait, is that our grandfather with his uncles? Is that my great grandparents? Nooo, is that is our great great grandfather all on the same 1920 census? oh yes, it sure was!

So the Story of Noble Rickards starts here & with this find a mystery comes with it. All census records lead me to believe that Noble was born in 1836/37 in Delaware. The farthest I can trace him is the 1850’s Census.

However, Noble is not with his family but with Benjamin Read’s family. The census states he is 13 yrs old and in school. What it does not state is his relationship to head of house! Is our great great grandfather an orphan? Did he have siblings? Is he living with a family member now? Exactly who is this Ann Cann? Is she the mother-in-law to Mr.Read? Could she be Noble’s grandmother by chance? Next week I will be back with another mystery about Grandpa Noble. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Noble Rickards

  1. I am glad I found someone who enjoys genealogy. You can reach me at or I have info I can fill I
    I am glad I found someone who enjoys genealogy. You can reach me at or I have info I can fill you in on.

    I am the granddaughter of Anna C. Rickards who was the oldest sister of Charles.

    The Emma Rickards who is buried in the Greenwood Cemetary in 1944, is not Emma Hannah Graves Rickards the mother of Charles A. Rickards. His mother is buried in Oakland Cemetary. She died in 1939. I have the death certificate for her. I am looking to find who this Emma Rickards is. Apparently, she was a family member. Since Emma Graves Rickards might have been named after her, leads me to believe that maybe she was a relative of Noble Biddle Rickards who came from Delaware. Would enjoy hearing from you.

    • Hello Eizabeth! I am so glad you found the blog post. I am working on an email post for you. As of now, I don’t think I have anything confused but I am not ruling that out. I know that Emma had a girl child that died & it was named after her. I am wondering if that is the death cert you might have for 1939? I have to gather everything up. It has been a crazy year for me. But a email is coming your way!

      • The child she had was born on 12/26/1903 and died the same day. She is buried in Christiana, Delaware.

        Could you send the info to my home computer?

        Does this cost anything to comment? I am going on furlough with the government

      • Elizabeth, I just sent you an email to your mil address. I will see if I can forward it to your rosebud. No, it does not cost to post on my blog. I just need to figure out how to approve you for all furture post. I have a spam thing set up. lol

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