Border Crossing Notes

This is the back of my Grandma’s Detroit Border Crossing record. Can anyone help me decipher what it says? What I can make of it is…

“ Sister states they have never been refused admn to now. Been ___________ in deport. ________ from usa.

I am not sure if that first word is Sister, Could the first blank be deborded? I would appreciate any help at all. I understand that some people don’t like to respond on wordpress blogs so you can reply to me here, on twitter, or in email for those that have it.


3 thoughts on “Border Crossing Notes

  1. Maybe the word “deported” is hyphenated so that deport- is at the end of one line and ed is at the beginning of the next line. Could the phrase be “debarred and deported”? Could the word be “nor” instead of “now”? I can’t make out whether the word is “Sister” or not, but the last two letters look maybe like “on” or “an,” judging from all the other a’s and n’s on the page. What a puzzle!

  2. Hello and Welcome Mariann, the hyphen makes sense. I am going to research debarred.& see if I can figure some of this out. Thank you so much for the ideas and suggestions. You have been a big help! 🙂

  3. Without looking at the above comment this is what I got: “Sister (? maybe “subject”?) states they have never been been refused admn (admittance?) to mn (? maybe Michigan? ) been deloused or deport-ed (on two lines) from USA.”
    Best I can make out. So I also saw the “deported” Mariann saw. “Debarred” also makes sense rather than (hopefully!) “deloused.” You could also scan other cards on the roll for the same agent and see if the handwriting is any clearer. This sounds like a stock declaration/question asked.

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