Charles Anthony Max Rickards

Charles Rickards is our grandfather. He was, as far as I can tell, the 6th born to James & Emma Rickards in 1905. Last night while searching for death records on I came across our grandfather’s birth information. There was several things that sort of shocked me & tickled me at the same time. One of them being, grandpa was born in 1905 not 1907 as most of his census records indicated. The second one was the middle name of Max. I’ve never heard this name before. I can’t even remember my dad ever mentioning it. So now I have to wonder, where does the name Max come from? No-one in the family carries this name that I have found. Is it a family name? Or did the name belong to a dear friend of my great grandparents? I do believe there is some meaning behind the name because so far it seems all his siblings have only one middle name.

This is the information. That I found on

Name: Chas Anthony Max Rickards
Titles and Terms:
Event Type:                           Birth
Event Date:                           15 Feb 1905
Event Place:                           Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Gender:                           Male
Father’s Name: Jas N. Rickards
Father’s Titles and Terms:
Father’s Birthplace:
Father’s Age:
Mother’s Name:                           Emma Greaves Rickards
Mother’s Titles and Terms:
Mother’s Birthplace:
Mother’s Age:
Additional Relatives:
Registration Date:
Registration Place:
Reference ID:                           14722
GS Film number:                           2111432
Digital Folder Number:                           004261881
Image Number:                           01042
Citing this Record

“Pennsylvania, Philadelphia City Births, 1860-1906,” index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 25 Mar 2013), Emma Greaves Rickards in entry for Chas Anthony Max Rickards, 1905.


Charles A Graves Part 1

Charles A Graves
Charles was our Great, Great, Grandfather on our paternal side. The census records indicate that he was born between 1841/1843 in Prussia, and immigrated to America sometime between 1865-1869 at the age 22. Charles was married twice. His first wife was Annie C. His second wife was a Caroline. At this time I do not know either of their maiden names.
His first wife Annie is the one that Charles had his children with. Which makes Annie our Great, Great, Grandmother. Though their first born child Emma. They had 4 children that I am aware of.
Emma Hanna Graves. 1875-1944
Maggie May Graves. 1876
Charles F.O. Graves. 1877
Lana Graves. Buried – 10/9/1880
Annie died in December of 1880. I know she lies beside her baby daughter Lana in Greenwood cemetery.
In 1890 Charles remarried Caroline. On the 1900 census Charles, Caroline, & his son Charles are still in the same household together at 2134 William Street. In August 1909 Caroline passes away from Chronic Nepritis and is laid to rest in Greenwood Cemetery.
I next find Charles in the 1910 census residing with his daughter & son in law, Emma & James Rickards. Charles remains with Emma until his passing in April of 1923 from Myocarditis.
Thoughts on Grampa Graves.
In all census records Charles is listed as carpenter. In the 1900’s census he is listed as a carpenter working for the railroad. I have to wonder what kind of work a carpenter would perform for the railroad. What I found so interesting about this, is that his grandson Charles A (our grandfather), and 1 great grandson Charles E, (our father) were heavy equipment operators. Did the need & skills to create and build new things come from their name sake? Our father Charles E, was great with this hands. He could do anything from repairing cars to remodeling homes. I do believe that some of these talents stem from Charles A, and I just think that is very cool.
I will end here for now, but remember there is a part 2 where I have more questions and thoughts.

740 North 37th St Philadelphia PA

I know from the 1940 Census that this house was once my grandfather’s home with his young, big family in 1940. He lived here with my grandmother Margaret Kelly, and their 7 children.  At this time not all the children had been born yet. 3 more were yet to be born including my mom.

When the family moved here or for how long they stayed here I don’t know. I don’t know if this was the first home my grandpa Toner rented when he crossed the border though Detroit in 1929 or what. I’ve not found any other documentation yet. I do know that they lived here for at least 2 years, because this is the same address that he filed on his WW2 draft card.

I was just tickled pink when I found my family in the 1940 census. I’ve not been able to trace my family foot steps once they cross border. It was easier finding their trail though Canada then the states.

I also know that Grandpa was an Elevator Operator in an office building at this time. I bet he was a dashing figure in his uniform with his lovely Irish accent.